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You are taking the initiative to join a select group of people dedicated to preserving the memory of the USS Mt. McKinley and Flagships of the Gator Fleet.

We say "Flagships" because we welcome not only former crewmen of the USS Mt. McKinley but also sailors from all of the Communications Command Ships of the Gator Fleet. If your ship has no association, we welcome you to join ours until when and if your ship has one too. If your ship has an association already, we encourage you to join and support them for all the same reasons we're here.

We hold annual reunions, wives included, usually beginning near the eleventh of September. We select a new location each year in a different part of the country in order to reach all our membership. We get together and have fun participating in sightseeing, organized and unorganized social activities, a banquet and a business meeting. It doesn't matter if there are not always a lot of shipmates in attendance who served on board the same years you did. Those attending still have similar experiences on the same ship, and you will develop and cherish new friendships.

We are a non-profit organization with dues that are only $12.00 a year. That's only $1.00 a month and in order to save on record keeping and costs, please pay dues through December.

We invite you to come on board now and join your shipmates for another cruise.

Your privacy is important to us and we pledge to protect your street address, your email address, and any other information we deem personal. Complete details on our members are only available to active members and only within our password protected member directories.

Take a few moments to fill in the following form and then we'll create a page with your information that you can easily print for mailing. No printer? Simply write or type answers to the questions in long hand and mail to our Treasurer/Membership Secretary, Wes Brubacher, P. O. Box 376, Geyserville, CA 95441 with the dues stated above.... Make your check out to USS Mt McKinley Association.

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After you are assigned a membership number, you will have the opportunity to upload scanned pictures in edit mode and freely contribute to our online photo album. You will also be allowed in our private membership area.
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After you print the application, please turn it over and Write Us a Letter. Don't worry about the contents. Just so it has some connection with your service on your ship. We would also like to hear something about how your training or experiences in the Navy applied to your civilian life after you got out. Maybe a trade or profession.