Medals Reference
4 Battle Stars for WWII, 8 for Korea - Gen. McArthur Aboard, 4 Campaign Stars for Vietnam War, and a Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation
Command Ship Operation Crossroads Atomic Tests - Navy Secretary Forrestal Aboard
Amphibious Command Ship during the Cuban Crisis - 26 Captains and 3 Admirals Aboard
398 Members - 109 Roster Service Photos - 178 Roster Recent Photos - 610 Album Photos

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Saluting Our WWII Veterans
U.S.S. Mt. McKinley AGC-7/LPH-7 Radio Shack WWII News

Radiomen frequently tuned into news broadcasts during World War II and other times of crisis to hear the latest news, sometimes piping it throughout the ship so all could hear.

Listen now to the exact broadcasts they heard at different times and theaters of operation during WWII. Many of our veterans served in other areas too.

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