AGC-7 / LCC-7

4 Battle Stars for WWII, 8 for Korea - Gen. McArthur Aboard, and a Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation
Command Ship Operation Crossroads Atomic Tests - Navy Secretary Forrestal Aboard
Amphibious Command Ship during the Cuban Crisis - 26 Captains and 3 Admirals Aboard
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Posted:08-28-2019 10:07 MT
Name:walt kupson         (Edit My Entry)
From:milford , CT - U.S.A.
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Comment:I was at my post 196 in milford ,we were talking about Danang landing march 8 1965,when a gentleman said he was on mt mac.62-66 same time as I. a Marine, CPL (happy) Shappy, Small world, good to see him again

Posted: 02-06-2019 12:45 MT
Name:Steven Whatley         (Edit My Entry)
From:Denver, CO - U.S.A.
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Comment:My father served on the Mighty Mac during WWII.
Ive created a website that chronicles his service and contains many images of the USS Mt. McKinley during WWII.

If anyone has interest. Please visit:

Posted:12-31-2018 15:38 MT
Name:Mike Travers         (Edit My Entry)
From:East Bridgewater, MA - U.S.A.
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Comment:My dad served aboard the U.S.S. Mount McKinley and crossed the 180th Meridian on 26 July, 1944.

Have no other info about his time aboard and would love to hear any information from or about others that my have served with him.

He was Edward L. Travers

1SG Mike Travers
U.S. Army Medical Corps
Medical corps

Posted:12-08-2018 02:34 MT
Name:Alejandro Quintero         (Edit My Entry)
From:Pomona, CA - U.S.A.
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Comment:I boarded the USS Mount McKinley AGC 7 in Norfork 1964 from the USS Plymouth Rock. The ship was relocated to San Diego, Ca. we sailed her via the Panama Canal in late 1964, in Oct of 1964 all shipmates were required to report back to duty. We proceeded to Subic Bay, Pi. arrived 21 days later. I recall that we headed for Vietnam. I read some of the Postings & I do recall some of the names associated with the USS Mount McKinley, I was in Division 2nd, as an Assault Boat Coxswain.

Posted:12-06-2018 14:38 MT
Name:Wade Cochran         (Edit My Entry)
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Comment:HELLO Where is everybody

Posted: 02-05-2016 05:39 MT
Name:Steve Schermerhorn         (Edit My Entry)
From:New Paris, IN - U.S.A.
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Comment:The 2016 Reunion in Norfolk, Va Sept. 14th - 18th at the Holiday Inn 1570 N Military Hwy. For Details of this Reunion contact Dave Long, Reunion Chairman (440-292-7839).
Former Crew members, Staff, and Family's welcome, enjoy reminiscing with old friends, meeting new friends and going on tours.

Posted: 01-13-2016 14:21 MT
Name:Dan Bremer         (Edit My Entry)
From:New Orleans , LA - U.S.A.
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Comment:One thing I remember about the Mac, it was the slowest ship in the Navy. I remember siting bored off the coast of Vietnam for close to sixth days until we finally returned to Subic Bay.Left the Navy and played music with some really great bands and wished I would had went in as a musician instead of being a clerk. The Navy was not cut out for me. Wish I could meet up again with Ray Martens. We both transferred to the Mount Mckinley from the USS NEOSHO when it joined the pacific fleet..

Posted: 11-17-2015 08:50 MT
Name:Rev Jim Grogg         (Edit My Entry)
From:Norfolk, VA - U.S.A.
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Comment:All Hands,
I'd like to inform you of the recent passing of your shipmate EN1 John Atkins (my uncle). John passed away peaceably at his home here in Norfolk on November 9th, 2015. As best as I can determine John served aboard Mt Mac from 1943 through 1947. I'm having difficulty trying to determine the awards and or medals given to the ships company during those dates. So if anyone can possibly help it would be much appreciated. In a recent stay in the hospital I had opportunity to chat with John, and he spoke highly of his time on Mt Mac.

Posted: 10-16-2015 17:58 MT
Name:Wes Brubacher         (Edit My Entry)
From:Geyserville, CA - U.S.A.
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Comment:Regretfully, I had to miss the reunion this year due to a recent death in the family. Hopefully I'll be able to get to next year's reunion.

Served on the Mt Mac '60 and '61 as Disbursing Officer. Then on to San Francisco Naval Shipyard early '62 until early '64.

I'd like to know the whereabouts of Bos'n Charlie Foreman and Electrical Officer Marcel (Ski) Klimazewski (sp?).

Posted: 10-14-2015 20:26 MT
Name:John Kilgore         (Edit My Entry)
From:Schertz, TX - U.S.A.
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Comment:I was Oil King on Mt Mac 1964-1965. As a BT2 was boat Eng for the Landing at "Red Beech", Hue River in 1965.Long story about BT2 being Boat Eng. Left active in 1965 after Nam trip. Met the hometown Sherriff in 1967. Joined the U.S. Coast Guard for three more VN trips. Retired , living near San Antonio.

Posted: 10-12-2015 08:08 MT
Name:Douglas Wood         (Edit My Entry)
From:Lodi, CA - U.S.A.
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Comment:Joined the Mount Mac in Sept of 1963 after
graduating from radioman a school. Served until 1 Jan 1967. I remember you Dave, we
had some crazy times, especially in the
Philippines. I served again with Don
Turcotte. Also remember Balls Bohall,
Mike English, Appecelli, Matthews. I retired
after 27 years. Would not change any
of my military career. The Mount Mckinley
was the perfect ship and I greatly enjoyed
my tour aboard.

Posted: 07-28-2015 14:28 MT
Name:Bob Homer         (Edit My Entry)
From:Kennesaw, GA - U.S.A.
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Comment:Served aboard the My. Mac 1964-1966 as an ETN3. I was thinking about the time the forward bulkhead started spurting water. Lucky I was on the top bunk.Had little streams of water. What a night.

Posted: 05-31-2015 22:08 MT
Name:Kathy Creemore         (Edit My Entry)
From:Ontario, CA - U.S.A.
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Comment:I am looking for those whom Served with my dad Edwin W.(wheeler)Creekmore JR. He did many towers of duity on the MT.Mckinley. I would love to meet up with those whom also served with him. My mom still has all his album's etc. the Mt.Mckinley is a beautiful cover. On memorial day this passed weekend. when thy walked the Navy flags. down and asked for all Navy to stand, I held up His Picture,(memorial). it was a Honor to do so. I recall the mid 60's early 70's. he was also on many sub's. please hope to hear from you,whom knew him..thks..

Posted: 05-24-2015 11:14 MT
Name:Ron Volbrecht         (Edit My Entry)
From:Melbourne, FL - U.S.A.
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Comment:I was on the Mt. McKinley, The Pocono & the Taconic while Stationed in Little Creek, VA with COMPHIBGRU4 in 1963-1964. I enjoyed all of my time in the NAVY, but being aboard a ship was the most interesting & a wonderful learning experience. Probably the thing that sticks out the most was on many trips on rough water and at mealtimes, there were situations where the food trays would slide across the table. some shipmates got seasick, but I did not.

Posted:05-04-2015 21:31 MT
Name:Wendy         (Edit My Entry)
From:Evansville, IN - U.S.A.
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Comment:My Uncle served on the USS Mount McKinley from I believe was somewhere between 1960 and 1964. His name was Walter C. (Butch) Wade. His rank was E4 and his Position was a Bosun Mate. He passed away before I was born and am seeking information about him. I know this is a long shot but I am hoping it works out. I do want to personally Thank those of you that have served our country.

Posted: 04-24-2015 17:43 MT
Name:David Miller         (Edit My Entry)
From:Florissant, MO - U.S.A.
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Comment:Served on board from I think late 62 until April 1965. I was in the radio gang and ended up as a RM3. Enjoyed my time on the Big Mac and made a lot of good friends while on board

Posted:03-22-2015 19:20 MT
Name:Lois Whitaker         (Edit My Entry)
From:Newburgh, NY - U.S.A.
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Comment:My dad, Jerry Whitaker, served as a signalman on the McKinley from 1947 to 1952. He passed away Jan 2, 2015. I am enjoying all the memories he saved from his time on the ship. He unfortunately, would not speak a lot about his service and I so wish we found this hidden trunk while he was still alive. I have many pictures and items I will scan on to the FB page for any interested. Thank you so much for your service. I am proud of my Dad and all who served.

Posted: 03-15-2015 13:23 MT
Name:JOSEPH F DUBOIS         (Edit My Entry)
From:MOYOCK, NC - U.S.A.
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Comment:I served on board from Sept 1966 to Apr 1967 as an EM 2 does anyone know what awards I might have earned during this period.

Editor: Two service Medals have been authorized for Navy and Marine Corps personnel who served in Cuban waters during the period of tension that culminated in the Cuban quarantine of 1962.

The Navy Expeditionary Medal was authorized for service performed between 3 January 1961 and 23 October 1962.

The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was authorized for service in the Cuban quarantine, 24 October through 31 December 1962.

(Added 03-26-13 - I just found out those serving 18 July 1958 thru 31 JUL 1958 during Lebanon event are also eligible for The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.)

I recently sent for any Medals I had coming and I was surprised to receive these from the Navy Dept. Every veteran rates one free replacement of all Medals earned during service.

Ken Oxenrider

More Info:

How to apply for Medals:

Posted: 03-14-2015 16:30 MT
Name:Ozzie Osborne         (Edit My Entry)
From:Spring Valley , CA - U.S.A.
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Comment:Served onboard 63-67 with a six month break for a in country Viet Nam tour. I have many good memories while serving onboard. The best ship I served on. I retired from the Navy in May 1979 as ENCN Fleet Diesel Inspector. This lead to a very good civilian occupation.

Posted: 03-02-2015 11:57 MT
Name:Dan Moffett         (Edit My Entry)
From:Romeoville, IL - U.S.A.
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Comment:Served aboard the USS Mt McKinley from Aug 1964 to Oct 1966, was a radioman and part of the Marine Communications Detachment. Stood radio watch alongside two of my favorite sailors, David Long and Bobby Whitehouse. Have wanted to attend a ship's reunion, but this year I will definitely make it.

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